“Actions thrillers is my favorite genre of fiction books to read and I am excited to see this author enter the field of thriller series. D. S. Wall brings a refreshing twist by weaving a reluctant clairvoyant into helping protect the U. S. homeland. The story is told from the civilian perspective through two kick-ass female characters, an FBI Special Agent and an Assistant U. S. Attorney, as they work together to prevent a major terrorist attack against the heart of the U. S. Navy, in Norfolk, VA. We’re ready for book two D. S. Wall.”
– Billy on Amazon

“A collision of masterful suspense, clairvoyant intrigue, emotional insight and exhilarating drama! This book left me wanting more. D.S. Wall will be an author I will look to in the future for more entertaining stories full of relevancy and great characters! Highly recommend!”

– Scott on Amazon

Excellent fast-paced Thriller. The characters were real and the writing made me feel compassion and concern for them. I was engrossed in the story and rooted for the success of the team. Very hard to put down once I started reading. Highly recommend to lovers of international intrigue and good versus evil. Can’t wait for the next book in the Preserve, Protect, and Defend series.
– Maria H. on Amazon

Thoroughly enjoyed reading the book! Picked it up one night I couldn’t sleep and the next thing I know, the sun was coming up. The writer’s eye for detail made me feel like I was there. Can’t wait for a sequel!

– Daniel on Amazon

Just finished “On American Soil: Jihad” and it is one of the best books I have read. Not only was the plot hugely interesting, but the technical information must have taken a long time for the author to acquire. Congratulations D.S.WALL. Can’t wait to read your next adventure.

– Kathryn on Amazon

On American Soil was a great, quick read that most readers would enjoy! It has an added supernatural element that sets it apart from most other thrillers in the genre. You connect with the characters and I found myself completely sucked in to the final handful of chapters. Can’t wait to read other installments in the series.
– Robin T.

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