D. S. Wall – author

Who I am …

I’m a recovering engineer with 38 years’ experience writing technical and professional content. I retired in January 2020 expecting I would become a gig-writer, providing technical material to clients. It took me the first three months of 2020 to decide that is NOT what I wanted to do. I spent my entire career doing what others needed from me, and I retired to get away from that. I really wanted to write whatever popped into my head, so now I’m an author! Almost every book I’ve read for entertainment was an action-adventure-thriller, so naturally, that’s what I wrote.



No Bull


I really enjoy novels written by soldiers or ex-solders or operators, and I didn’t think I could compete with those people who can base their stories on their real-life experiences. I think I came up with a twist, embodied in my Jace West character, that most action-thrillers don’t have. Jace develops an ability to sense things that others cannot, and his wife and her partner on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force use him to hunt down terrorists. My first novel with Jace, Charlotte and Special Agent Grace Madson is On American Soil: Jihad. It is Book 1 of my Preserve, Protect, and Defend series. Book 2 is called Anarchy and was released in September 2021. Book 3, The Hunt, was released in May 2022.



Preserve, Protect, and Defend Series

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 Book 2

Book 3

Murder Mysteries!

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